Real-time tracking of the fleet


  • Real-time viewing of the fleet.
  • Prediction of arrival times.
  • Generation of route maps by driver.
  • Generation of information tables through the Reports and Statistics Module.

Total fleet control

Tool that allows merchandise distribution, transportation of personnel, courier, among others through the tracking of fleets and business mobile units such as insurers.

It is ideal for companies with utility vehicles as it has a comprehensive logistics and administration control module, provides protection to vehicles and operates with cellular technology.

Fuel control

With TrailGPS you can choose the level of control you need for each vehicle and a wide variety of parameters to choose from (what, how, when and where fuel is consumed).

Incident report

The TrailGPS app for drivers allows you to generate reports of incidents along the way.

Immediate notification with video and photographic evidence in case of breakdowns, delays, road blocks, etc.

The application has the ability to send a signal with the last registered coordinates of the vehicle in case of loss, theft or some other incident.

TrailGPS allows you to predict delays in arrival time or setbacks to take the necessary measures.

Statistics Generation

In the Reports and Statistics Module, you can generate, edit and customize statistical and graphical reports. In addition, it allows the creation of cross charts, detailed reports and graphs of different types according to the information to be presented.

Tracking and efficiency of your fleet

Time improvement for your drivers.

Generation of Maps

Generation of route maps by driver to make time and fuel efficient.

Video and photographic evidence

Video and photo notifications in the event of breakdowns, traffic delays or road blocks.

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