Cybersecurity services

Objective of the service

Provide the client with all the necessary cyber-security functions and mechanisms to establish security perimeters and digital protection for key people against cyber-attacks.


  • Development of a first-level security plan for the protection of its key users.
  • New generation anti-virus with preventive risk detection.
  • Customized creation of security guidelines that harmonize with internal processes.
  • Short, medium- and long-term security strategy
  • Smart risk management.
  • Experienced and specialized care 24/7.

Implementation procedure

Plan evaluation and development

In this process, all possible cybersecurity threats (present and future) to which all key users are exposed will be evaluated and measured. After the evaluation, the security initiatives and recommendations for their solution are proposed.

Proposal, approval and implementation

At this stage we propose the necessary security initiatives to improve the cybersecurity of key users. Once the initiatives are approved by the client, an implementation plan is applied and elaborated, presenting advances in terms of security and risk reduction.

Continuous measurements

We are generating indicators and measurements to publicize the reduction of risks among users throughout the implementation. We also generate reports to publicize the main risk factors in user practices.

Security tools

We create a safe space for your company.

Threat detection

Prevents counter attacks by detecting present and future threats.

Safe data

Significantly reduces data loss and leakage by authenticating users.

Total visibility

Cloud-based dashboard provides real-time threat intelligence and visibility.

Provisioning and License Support

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