EFOS detection service


  • Notices in real time of any change in the situation of your suppliers in the event of entering “black lists” of SAT (articles 69 and 69-B).
  • Avoid fines and SAT audits for receiving invoices from companies that are registered on the “black lists” of SAT. Receive notifications by email.
  • Estimate of the amount of CFDI that is related to an EFO.
  • Receive recommendations on what you should do in case one of your suppliers is detected as EFOS by SAT.

Do you know about EFOS?

Company that Invoices Simulated Operations (EFOS, Empresa que Factura Operaciones Simuladas), are the companies that sell the invoices to be deducted by other companies that actually have real operations.

Why is it important to know the status of your suppliers?

“"In case of not demonstrating the veracity of the operation, the tax receipts obtained by the EFO taxpayer remain without any tax effect, that is, the expenses made are not deductible for income tax or creditable for Value Added Tax with effects 5 years retroactive."

Art. 69-B of CFF of SAT

Feel safe with Praesidium our Tax Risk Service

Receive alerts in your email

At the time that one of your suppliers is designated by SAT as an EFOS or has a report of not being located.

Easy-to-use system

Register your suppliers and customers in a simple way, just register their name and RFC (Tax ID)

24/7 365 Monitoring

We monitor the status of your customers and suppliers in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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