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    We entered the US market in the development of Nearshore systems.

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    We entered the European market.

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    Awarded the 1st place of the PREMIO TECNOS 2008 TECHBA AUSTIN Certification.

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    NYCE nos certificó en MOPROSOFT. Fuimos certificados por el EGADE.

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    We are certified second level of MOPROSOFT.

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    CMMI Dev certification Level 2.

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    Business Alliance with ORACLE/EBIW.

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    Business Alliance with ALESTRA AXTEL.

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    Product Alliance with DIVERZA


We turn Organizations into Corporate Cultures of Higher Experience.
Our Digital Transformation process ensures successful implementation in organizations by innovating them in their Corporate Culture.

Web Development

We develop the technological solution that your company needs. We manage to create flexible applications in a very short time to provide an integral solution to our clients' issues. We develop web services, components or complete solutions and integrate them with your existing platforms.

Mobile Development

We distinguish ourselves by developing customized IT solutions that generate permanent links with clients. We have vast experience in the development of native and responsive apps, integrating notifications and alerts to help our clients with the best strategy according to their mobility needs.

Services in the Cloud

We provide all the necessary services to enable your infrastructure in the cloud thanks to the power of our applications. This will allow you to update and improve your platforms continuously. Streamline processes, reduce risks, increase your efficiency and accelerate results with TotalTech and Oracle.

Artificial Intelligence

Custom models by industry ready to implement, build and work. We offer a wide range of solutions, services and added values to push your company with artificial intelligence. We have established an alliance with Oracle in coordination with MIT using research to be at the forefront in Artificial Intelligence. Within our portfolio we offer various development tools and AI solutions that help our clients speed their adoption.

Facial recognition

We improve your client's experience through the recognition of identity and emotions, creating unique and personalized moments that generate a greater impact and commitment to the brand. Our applications allow you to have your clients and their emotions identified at any time. There are usage cases for access security, customer service, loyalty, increasing sales. We have managed to integrate IoT with Facial Recognition in stadiums, hotels, amusement parks, industrial parks, etc.

Machine Learning

An application that provides a system with the ability to learn from experience and improve without having to be reprogrammed. Thanks to our Machine Learning solutions and services, your organization will be able to reinvent the sale, commercialization and management of talent in business processes through automatic learning of their computers for automatic decision-making, by providing data and information in the form of observations and interactions in the real world.

Digital Transformation

We transform your business culture by adapting it to the technological demands of today's digitization, focusing on objectives and quick results with innovation. We are convinced that Digital Transformation in the government and private sector is key for the development of smart administrations.


Our experts detect needs and opportunities, developing corporate strategies focused on integral solutions. We have experts in Digital Transformation and Innovation consulting. The IT solution is developed tailored to the requirements, optimizing the result and creating the appropriate digital strategy for each organization, ensuring that they meet current digital demands.


Our DevOps services enable an organizational and cultural movement that aims to increase the speed of software delivery, improve service reliability, and create shared ownership among software stakeholders. Learn how to improve the speed, stability, availability and security of your software deliverability.

Oracle solutions

Oracle and Totaltech empowering AI-driven solutions.

Oracle and Totaltech offer a complete portfolio of differentiated products, services, and capabilities to power your business with artificial intelligence. For business users, Oracle and Totaltech offer ready-to-use applications in the cloud based on AI with smart features that drive better business results.

Our ready-to-develop AI platform from Oracle and Totaltech, data scientists and application developers have a full suite of cloud services to build, implement and manage AI-driven solutions. With Oracle Autonomous Database ready to work, machine learning works in the background to automate security patches, backups, and to optimize the performance of database queries, helping to eliminate human errors and repetitive manual tasks so organizations can focus on higher value activities.

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