Machine learning

Accelerate your time to value with artificial intelligence capabilities, industry-ready models ready to deploy, build and work.

TotalTech offers a wide range of solutions, services and added values to power your business with artificial intelligence. As added value, we established an alliance with Oracle in coordination with MIT using research to be at the forefront in Artificial Intelligence. Within our portfolio we offer various development tools and AI solutions that help our clients accelerate their adoption of AI and Machine Learning.


  • Collaborative SQL notebook UI for data scientists.
  • Packaged with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Easy access to shared notebooks, templates, permissions, planner, and more.
  • Access to more than 30 parallel and scalable implementations in the machine learning algorithm database.
  • SQL and PL / SQL scripting language supported.
  • Enables and supports implementations of enterprise machine learning methodologies in ADW.

Product features

Empower your business and discover how to optimize your response to trends and increase the loyalty of your consumers.

The learning algorithm generates a new set of rules, based on inferences from the data. In essence, this generates a new algorithm, formally called the machine learning model.

Whether for mobile or web, a ready-to-use development in conjunction with more services. Oracle offers a complete portfolio of data management solutions consisting of the world's first autonomous database and large-scale NoSQL, big data, and data transmission platforms.

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