In the competitive and globalized world there are many companies that will help you meet your technology needs one way or the other, the difference is in the degree of knowledge and expertise of your needs and the appropriate technological means for your field.

Road to certification
We are in the process of obtaining the CMMi certification to improve our processes and provide more quality to our clients.
Dr. Santos Sepúlveda No. 130
Col. Los Doctores C.P. 64710
Monterrey, N.L., México.
+52 (81) 8343.4388
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Balanced Score Card
Totaltech Tesimonio Aeromexico
Possessing Balanced Score Card tactic and operational strategic tools, allows them to achieve the vision and goals derived from it and an efficient use of their resources seamlessly.
Balanced Score Card
Totaltech Testimonio Anderson
Tool that allows Andersen Consulting to perform consulting and auditing services meeting its standards and procedures with more control and ease.
Lean Manufacturing
Totaltech testimonio Thomas & Beats
Participamos con Thomas & Betts en la implementación de soluciones de la Suite de Manufactura, apoyando la manufactura esbelta (Lean Manufacturing), mediante OEE (Overall Effectiveness Control), SPC (Statistical Process Control), etc.
Integrated Citizen Care System
Totaltech Testimonio Secretaría de Educación Nuevo León
We participate with Thomas & Betts implementing solutions in the Manufacturing Suite, supporting the Lean Manufacturing, through OEE (Overall Effectiveness Control), SPC (Statistical Process Control), etc.
Sales Distribution and Logistics
Totaltech Testimonio VAXSA Vending
Solution that makes more efficient the use of technology by the sales, assortment, placement and collecting process.
Project Management
Totaltech Testimonio Prisma Proyectos
In Prisma Projects we implemented a Projects Management system based on the standard of PMI (Project Management Institute) focusing on construction projects. Project information, developments and the administration coexisting holistically to support management and facilitate the operation.
Quality Assurance and Electronic
Document Control System
The software installed benefited American Standard when testing and measuring the quality of their finished product. Furthermore, the elimination of usage of paper was achieved within the plant have Engineering, Quality, Production and Human Resources information electronically in order to direct their efforts in the certification of ISO9000.
Totaltech Testimonio American Standard
System for determining market share
System for determining market share using statistical techniques and a system with business intelligence tools, Telefónica Movistar makes decisions on sales and marketing.


Totaltech Testimonio Telefonica
Intelligent Justice System
The Gobierno de Estado de Nuevo León has a system that supports the various dependencies, providing faster and efficent services supported with technology.


Totaltech Testimonio Gobierno de Nuevo León
Housing Marketing System
Urbi 21 supported their marketing processes with a graphic software for avaliable housing and land, improving control, making the process more efficient and providing better service.


Totaltech Testimonio Grupo URBI 21
Convention and Visitors
Bureau of Monterrey.
OCV operates on a daily basis a portal for national and international visitors and exhibitors supported with .Net technology, and an office operations integrated system.


Totaltech Testimonio Oficina de Convenciones y Visitantes de Monterrey
eInsurance Solution
in USA and Méxic.
Aligning the vision of National UnityInsurance Company with information technology allowed us to implement eInsurance solutions where the emission operation is carried mainly electronically, increasing control, minimizing the risk and operative support required for its wrowth.


Totaltech Testimonio National Unity